LEGO Bags Features

1. LEGO® Bags are produced 100% without use of PVC, nickel and dangerous AZO-dye.

2. Super lightweight and ergonomic design

3. All LEGO® school bags are equipped with safety reflective material to make the child visible on street/road.

School Bags Endorsement

LEGO® Starter Plus, Freshmen 2 and Premium Collection School Bags are officially endorsed by China Hong Ong Macao Chiropractic Association Limited, ensuring the best ergonomic shape and fit for students.

How to Choose a School Bag?

Overweight school bags will bring additional burden and fatigue to primary and junior secondary students. The Department of Health of Hong Kong recommends that, as a precautionary measure, students should avoid carrying school bags which exceed 15% of their body weight for long periods of time. For example, the school bag should not exceed 4.5kg school bag if the student weighs 30kg.

1. Choosing the right shape and size school bag for the child

The Bag has to match the size of the child, excess space can result in damaged books and unnecessary extra weight on the child’s back.

2. Wide and padded shoulder straps

Wide and Padded Shoulder Straps can alleviate the pressure to the shoulder.

3. Choosing school bags with adjustable chest strap

Adjustable chest strap makes school bags fit to the child’s back and support the wearing comfort. It enables school bag to be carried steadily on child’s back and reduce the pressure on spine during movement.

4. Ergonomic back hollow panel

This design helps reduce and ease the hit by books or hard substance and therefore the impact on the spine cord.

5. Choosing school bags with inner elastic/adjustable fastening strap

Inner fastening strap allows to pack the heaviest objects closest to the back so that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the school bag and items will not shift back and forth during movement. 

6. Lightweight design

7. Choosing school bags that contain ZERO PVC, nickel and dangerous AZO-dye, in order to avoid allergic skin reaction due to exposure to these poisonous materials.

LEGO® School Bags Maintenance

1. Do not use Washing Machine and Electric Dryer.

2. Do not use bleaching water or any strong detergent in order to prevent erosion. We recommend hand washing with a mild soap and line dry.

3. Using mild detergent with warm water to wipe and rinse the products.

4. Hang dry in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight after cleaning.