About Moonrock Bag

Function and quality are the backbone of every MoonRock product. In most Asian countries, it is not uncommon to see young students carrying heavy school bags which are disproportionate to their small framed bodies. Whilst we cannot change this reality, we can create school bags with greater practicality for children. We care about our children,  MoonRock school bags are designed with specific features in mind. Under the consultation of professional chiropractors, our school bags are designed to provide maximum back support for young school children.  

Make the most of your bag

Please check out our little model, Celine, to show you how to use your MoonRock bag.


MoonRock Animation

MoonRock school bags may not help your child get better grades but it will surely contribute to improved  posture for their growing bodies. No longer will the weight of their school bags be a heavy burden when every step feels like a light walk on the moon.