MR1 School Bag – Pink


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    (The embroidery name is located on the water bottle bag on the right side of the front of the schoolbag. Please pay attention to the color selection)

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Product Feature:
Patent No. :ZL 2016 2 1234306.4
The innovation of this support system lies in its comprehensive protection of the vertebra, and the absence of obstruction to body growth through weight distribution to the shoulder straps, sternum strap, and hip belt.
The new design reduces shoulder strain by incorporating a flexible ring-like mechanism to keep the multi-angle shoulder straps at an optimal position. If the length of shoulder strap adjustment unevenly on both sides, it helps to reduce the extent of unbalance weight of distribution.
Spine-shaped aluminum alloy bar contributes to the school bag’s ergonomic structure, ensuring that the user has a comfortable and form-fitting experience.3D shoulder straps enable the school bag’s weight to be evenly distributed onto the user’s shoulder and the thorax.
Wing-shaped base divided into two plates facilitate the schoolbag’s ability to remain upright when loaded.
Innovative YKK EYL woven zippers are extremely durable and 15 times more resistant to abrasion than standard copper zippers.
Teflon™ fabric protector protects from stains. Saves time saves energy. PVC-Free and 360º Reflective


Weight: 930g±5%
Dimensions: 43x28x17cm [H/W/D]

Suitable for height: 130-155cm